About This Blog

This is a process blog of my senior degree project, with a 13 week timeline. I’ll be posting weekly updates.

This senior degree project is a focus on my passion for interactive design and partnership with Bri Dallas serving as the culmination of our graphic design undergraduate educations at the Kansas City Art Institute. In this project we addressed both theoretically and practically the exploration of an interactive installation; through extensive research, writing, visual experimentation, class discussion and personal insight. The outcome of this project is to define, plan, develop and complete a professional-level design project.

Problem Statement: How can an interactive installation utilizing technology and design provoke happiness / positively affect a person’s immediate emotional state?
Objective: Educate viewers on the benefits of interactive design + the importance of human connection through touch.
Goal: Give participants a moment of happiness as payoff for interacting with the installation.
Final Presentation
Week #13
Week #12
Week #11
Week #10
Week 8 (spring break) & Week 9
Presentation for Martin Venezky & John Foster
Week #7
Week #6
Midterm Presentation

Week #5

Process Presentation #2

Week #4

Week #3

First Process Presentation
Week #2
Week #1
Refined Problem Statement